Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunrises in Rockport, TX...back from a photo retreat on the Texas Coast

Sunrises in Rockport, TX...

back from a photo retreat on the Texas Coast

© Denise Bossarte
Sunrises in Rockport, TX

I was away for four days for a Miksang Contemplative Photography retreat in Rockport, TX.
Miksang photographers from all over Texas as well as GA and SC came together on the coast to shoot and spend fun times together.

I had a lot of fun with this great group of folks; easy going and great senses of humor.
Nice to put faces with the names of people who have been sharing their works online.

I am posting a few sunrise photos from the trip. 
I did get a few photos for my Zen Moments portfolio, expanding it beyond nature into my ordinary world. You will have to stay tuned for those in the future. :)

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